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Re: Should mailing list bans be published?


> What do the rest of you think?

+1 for publishing the facts of bans and their reasons in a public mailing list.
Only with one correction which have been well described by Rhonda:

>>   - It provides a reference point for newcomers to the Debian community to
>>     judge their actions by, to understand what kinds of things will get them
>>     banned from participation (although I expect few of the people who need
>>     such guidance will actually take advantage of it...)
>  People who goe by judging what action might get them banned are usually
> those who try to *abuse* the rules and avoid banning instead of those
> who would really like to go well with the community.  Taking "advantage
> of it" already transports somehow a feeling of it might get abused.

By the way, how many bans we are talking about? Just few digits for estimating
the scale of problem... For example, how many people (or email addresses) were
banned this year or last year? How many mailing lists were affected?

Best wishes,

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