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Re: Should mailing list bans be published?


 In general I agree, but one reason can fire back:

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [2013-10-26 19:46:41 CEST]:
>  - It provides a reference point for newcomers to the Debian community to
>    judge their actions by, to understand what kinds of things will get them
>    banned from participation (although I expect few of the people who need
>    such guidance will actually take advantage of it...)

 People who goe by judging what action might get them banned are usually
those who try to *abuse* the rules and avoid banning instead of those
who would really like to go well with the community.  Taking "advantage
of it" already transports somehow a feeling of it might get abused.

 But yes, I totally agree with the other points.
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