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Re: Possibly moving Debian services to a CDN

Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Raphael Geissert said:
>> They do require a bit more work as they can not be added to the mirrors
>> master list - they are "dumb" caching proxies that can not guarantee the
>> consistency of the view of the archive they provide. Here's where I
>> disagree with Russ as a piece of software is needed to address that, it's
>> not all about the network.
> That's mostly because we're not actually 'using' them now - we're just
> allowing them to cache.  Most CDNs have a decache mechanism of some sort
> or other that we could use on mirror pulses, or we could tune the cache
> headers to actually make it possible for CDNs to do the right thing, etc.

I'm aware of those methods to expire objects and I can tell you that they 
are already in use for cloudfront.d.n. Even with them I still need to re-
enable cloudfront.d.n from http.debian.net as from time to time it fails a 
consistency check and gets banned.

Looking at report.txt right now it seems that some got banned again.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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