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Re: Possibly moving Debian services to a CDN

This one time, at band camp, Raphael Geissert said:
> They do require a bit more work as they can not be added to the mirrors 
> master list - they are "dumb" caching proxies that can not guarantee the 
> consistency of the view of the archive they provide. Here's where I disagree 
> with Russ as a piece of software is needed to address that, it's not all 
> about the network.

That's mostly because we're not actually 'using' them now - we're just
allowing them to cache.  Most CDNs have a decache mechanism of some sort
or other that we could use on mirror pulses, or we could tune the cache
headers to actually make it possible for CDNs to do the right thing, etc.
They're currently more work than machines that actually have the files
on disk because we treat them the same way, not because they are actually
worse, if you see what I mean.

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