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Re: Debian companies group

Quoting Michael Meskes (2013-09-05 11:45:49)
> On Wed, Sep 04, 2013 at 03:31:05PM -0400, davidson@ling.ohio-state.edu 
> wrote:
> > tldnr: what sorts of transactions are supposed to take place on the 
> > closed debian-companies list? how will their secret-from-users 
> > nature empower users?  how will their secret-from-project-members 
> > empower the debian project?
> At the risk of repating myself over and over again. The secret status 
> has only one reason. There are companies out there with very 
> restictive rules about public communication. I am hoping we could get 
> some of those to join by keeping the list closed. I mentioned several 
> times that my wish would be that a group is formed that then decides 
> whether or not it wants to discuss in the open.

Perhaps it would help defining who the secrecy protects _against_.

A rule of "10 DDs" would include Google - the company most often 
used as example of complete leakage of secret information.

 - Jonas

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