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Re: Aw: Re: Debian companies group

Am 03.09.2013 12:04, schrieb Steffen Möller:

It is not just the description but the subscription policy that is changed. But my goal is to get some feedback about the idea in general as it hasn't got much traction so far. If there is no interest from companies we can simply close the
list. But if there is we should start talking.
I support the idea. There are quite some different types of Debian
companies around, and to learn about their concerns - early - may be of interest for
our distribution.

Yes, but Debian can not learn from it with the subscription policy as is (and intended to stay for now). Its an exclusive thing for some people, who fit "companies with a DD and at least 10 other people", so none else gets anything from there.
Not the self-employed DDs, not those working in smaller companies.

Sounds bad. Why do those smaller ones matter less?

bye Joerg

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