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Re: Paths into Debian

On 8/24/13 5:03 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Hi Jose,
> Quoting Jose Luis Rivas (2013-08-24 02:34:28)
>> I think we have missed opportunities to bring more people into
>> Debian like not taking enough attention into support Raspberry
>> Pi. [snip]
> That may seem a constructive point, but please read 
> https://wiki.debian.org/RaspberryPi before continuing.

I got that. And I think you did too. Thousands of hackers are using it
and if Raspbian has been so easy to get into it, why not Debian
directly? We are in need of more contributors, after all. And there
are more chances of getting someone to code something into Debian if
they are using a Raspberry than an x86. We should support them.

>> As well as not adapting easily enough to how other people does
>> stuff. We all love APT, but is not the only way to do stuff. Some
>> communities like the Node.js handles their own packages in a
>> different way [snip]
> Debian includes a slew of "local package managers", for users
> wanting Debian only as core system, with different package
> management on top.
> I suspect your issues with Node.js instead are tied to Node.js and
> NPM not shipped with Wheezy and lacking behind even in
> testing/unstable. Those issues are IMO off topic for this thread.

Indeed, they are and as you suspected.

Jose Luis Rivas

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