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Paths into Debian

At DebConf13 I was interested to hear people's views in the discussion session on "Paths into Debian".

The video of the session is available here:


I have also put up a copy of my introductory slides, though they really just contain headings for what I said/for discussion, rather than much content:


Some of the topics discussed:

- How do people come to Debian?
- Possible routes in, and the support offered to different types of contributor
- What we advertise about routes in, compared to other distributions
- Other things we could do, including a list of initial tasks for for new people
- Whether/how it would be useful to promote more local Debian groups

The two points that seemed to gather most potential volunteers were improving the Debian website pages about how to contribute, and encouraging more local Debian meetings -- I hope that some of the apparent enthusiasm on these points can now be channelled into productive action!


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