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Re: Slowdown problem of a Debian package


I am still an active user of both GNU global and Debian,
but haven't been tracking recent version for a while.

>From the discussion, it seems the only (technical) resolution
is to apply a package-local patch to either remove or fix this
"requires-admin-privilege-to-enable-web-interface" design.
A patch to replace semi-hardcoded path with some reference
to $envvar or ~/.conffile would do.

# As FYI, even after the feature removal, GNU global is still
# worth using, as it has many other interfaces including
# integration with GNU Emacs.

To make it clear, I actually do not like this "sitekey" design or
above-proposed "fix". IMHO, this design is debatable (and that's
why I once posted an alternative script - and still using it),
and the "fix" adds another distro-local complexity which
confuses newcomers.

That said, I wish Shigio accepts upstream patch that removes
requirement of admin privilege - after all, it should be a Good Thing
if no special privilege is needed to use such a everyday developer tool.
Not all developers have root on one's working environment, after all.

But all this is a design decision, and if upstream author rejects
certain design request, all we can do is to workaround it.
Actually, this might be a good thing, as with a appropriate fix,
Debian would be the only distro with a "better" GNU global.

>> Any particular reason you didn't CC Ron on this thread? Usually when
>> talking about someone we do that.
> OK. I put CC to Ron, Taisuke and me on this mail.
> Would you please see the mail archive for the thread so far? >Ron, Taisuke

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