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Re: PaySwarm-based Debian donations

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:
> Some of us (myself definitely included) are involved in free software
> precisely *because* we're strongly anti-capitalist, anti-marketing, and
> firmly opposed to the economic structures that dominate so much of the
> rest of life.  If your plea is for distributions to act more like Apple in
> routing customer money to developers, I think you're going to get a quite
> chilly reception.  Avoiding that financial structure based on "customers"
> and "producers" is the whole *point* for some of us.

So would you even oppose, say, the inclusion of a package
"payswarm-donate" that reads a DONATION file from /usr/share/doc/$pkg
(if it exists) and provides a convenient "payswarm-donate $pkg $MONEY"
command that uses Payswarm to transfer money to the destinations
specified in the DONATION file?

Because that'd be my suggestion for Manu. It's as convenient as
apt-donate, but doesn't imply any sort of official blessing.



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