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Re: PaySwarm-based Debian donations

Manu Sporny dijo [Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 08:53:35PM -0400]:
> >> Thanks to everyone that has participated in the discussion thus 
> >> far. :) I think there have been a number of solid concerns and 
> >> issues raised, which I'm going to try and wrap into a proposal 
> >> below.
> > 
> > and then you continue to ignore these concerns and continue with
> > your agenda
> Could you outline exactly which concerns weren't addressed?

The concern that many of us share here is that, while the Debian
project as an entity does not oppose people getting paid for their
Debian work, Debian does not *care* on how it is done.

If maintainer $foo wants to put a donations link (as some have done,
for example, using Tumblr), she can do it. If a user wants to donate
to the project, he can do it as it is now. If another user wants to
donate to the maintainer of a specific package, he can also do it by
contacting <pkgname>@packages.debian.org.

Even if a developer chooses to donate everything he receives back to
Debian, or to the upstream project, or to whatever, by having
personalized "donate" buttons / APIs everywhere, Debian would start
looking as a ShareWare site requesting user's charity.

Many of us would hate that.

Many of us don't want PaySwarm or anything like that, I'm sorry - no
matter what changes in the form of your proposal, it's not compatible
with our ethos, with what has shaped our project for many years already.

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