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Re: PaySwarm-based Debian donations

On 06/16/2013 04:16 AM, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013, Manu Sporny wrote:
>> Thanks to everyone that has participated in the discussion thus 
>> far. :) I think there have been a number of solid concerns and 
>> issues raised, which I'm going to try and wrap into a proposal 
>> below.
> and then you continue to ignore these concerns and continue with
> your agenda

Could you outline exactly which concerns weren't addressed?

One aspect of what is being proposed was the ability for the Debian
community to state: "We don't want /any/ Debian developers to be
rewarded in a financial way."

That would keep things as they are in the Debian community.

We could also modify that with:

"If someone wants to donate money, direct it toward the Debian project."

That would keep things as they are in the Debian community wrt. package
maintainers, and make it easier to donate directly to the Debian
project. I didn't see anyone objecting to that sort of system.

Those options were a result of direct feedback from this community. What
other concerns were not covered?

-- manu

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