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Re: PaySwarm-based Debian donations

On Mon, 2013-06-17 at 22:31 -0400, Martin Owens wrote:
> On Mon, 2013-06-17 at 19:03 -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> > site requesting user's charity
> You mean user's involvement. You don't want users to be invited to
> participate in Debian. Debian isn't elitist and it shouldn't care that
> the tool being deployed is money rather than time.

But donations are a gift, not a tool.  You can't choose what the
recipient does with a donation, and I doubt there are many donors
willing to pay a few hundred £/$/€ per day for a DD or DM to work on
whatever the developer thinks needs doing.  (I could be wrong, of

Many DDs and DMs work as consultants or contractors.  If a user wants to
use their money as a tool for Debian development, they should hire one
or more of these developers to work on the specific things the user is
interested in.

> Your argument invites exclusion and you've not made a good case for why
> out-of-band unknown-to-everyone transactions are better. Only that it is
> technically possible to do so *kind of*. And that existing Debian
> members have said they find in-band transactions distasteful.
> Although we don't even invite users to participate with their time. So
> we're not even good at advertising Debian to Debian users anyway, even
> if it would be interesting and good for them to do so.

We already invite bug reports, participation in mailing lists and
forums, and donations to Debian's various fund-holders.  I dare say I
use quite a lot of bug reporters' time with some testing requests...


Ben Hutchings
Humans are not rational beings; they are rationalising beings.

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