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Re: KickStarter for Debian packages - crowdfunding/donations for development

On 06/14/2013 06:50 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Anyone can locate a particular Debian contributor and wire them 15 
> Bitcoin.  No need for Debian to support that.

I don't think you mean 'anyone'. I think you mean 'a highly skilled
programmer that understands how open source software is built and how
the Debian project operates...' :)

In the same vein, you could claim that many people on the planet can
find someone else on the planet and get money to them. There are two
issues with attempting to do that, however: the first is finding the
right person, and the second is figuring out how to get something of
value to them. :)

With respect to Debian-packaged software, if we address both issues, the
benefit is that more resources can be directed toward Free Software

Even finding the correct Debian Developer to send money to is a very
difficult proposition for someone that is just using a piece of
software. It's very difficult to find this information. Even if you find
the information, you have to figure out if the target Debian developer
accepts Bitcoin. Many don't, and would prefer to be paid in their
national currency.

Merely stating that something is possible does not mean that it's easy
to do. :)

> Debian do not promote a capitalist-driven boost, nor any other 
> specific gaming of the system.  Debian is indifferent about how its 
> developers find time and devotion for our shared project.
> I really thought Gunnar nailed it:
>> We have never needed it

What do you think about the counter-argument to that statement posed by
Martin Owens?


-- manu

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