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Re: KickStarter for Debian packages - crowdfunding/donations for development

Quoting Manu Sporny (2013-06-14 22:57:46)
> On 06/14/2013 05:36 AM, Martin Owens wrote:
> > On Thu, 2013-06-13 at 23:03 -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> >> We have never needed it
> > 
> > Such a mechanism would never be needed if the only people Debian 
> > should serve are technical users who are able to involve themselves 
> > in the project when they need it.
> > 
> > Excluding people with money is just another way of excluding people 
> > from Free Software development. I'm not so sure it's been as healthy 
> > for us or our users as assumed here.
> I think this is an excellent point. The people that use Debian, more 
> specifically Ubuntu, are not always capable of jumping in and doing 
> the technical work themselves. It would be nice to give them a way to 
> contribute (donations), or promote work they want to see happen 
> (bounties).

Anyone can locate a particular Debian contributor and wire them 15 
Bitcoin.  No need for Debian to support that.

IMO Debian should not be against bounties or other forms of developer- 
or package-specific monetary boosting (read: distortion).  We should 
just be indifferent about it.  And that's what we practice now as I see 

Some developers may be paid full time for the things they do in Debian, 
while others don't get a dime.

Some packages may get lots of love from maintainer with a full stomach 
and a house with a pool, while other package may survive with less 
attentive maintainers poking a bit now and then when not busy hunting or 
farming to support their families.

Debian do not promote a capitalist-driven boost, nor any other specific 
gaming of the system.  Debian is indifferent about how its developers 
find time and devotion for our shared project.

I really thought Gunnar nailed it:

> We have never needed it

 - Jonas

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