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Re: Debian participation into GNOME Outreach Program for Women

On 2013-04-02 04:41, Ana Guerrero wrote:
Google pays 5500 USD per project, where 5000 USD goes to the student and 500 USD to the mentoring organization. Before 2012, the 500 USD given to the mentoring organization were used for mostly for the mentors (or the students for debconf10) to help them to attend debconf or complete the reimbursement for the GSoC summit. Last year this money went to the Debian general funds. If Debian gets 10 GSoC projects this year, that provides ($500x10) the needed
5000 USD for this extra internship.

That sounds a great solution for this current OPW to avoid any perception we're somehow "misusing" Debian funds from general donations, even we got fewer than 10 GSoC projects and had to top it up a bit.


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