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Poor BTS interactions (Re: [all candidates] Removing or limiting DD rights?)

On 2013-03-28 16:35, Don Armstrong wrote:
owner@bugs.debian.org is an appropriate place to report abusive
behavior by anyone (maintainers, users, etc) on the BTS.

But how broad a definition of abusive behaviour are you taking here?

I would have thought of contacting owner@bugs.debian.org in respect of, say, two people battling about a bug's status in control messages, but I wouldn't have assumed that you would want to deal with, e.g., unnecessarily dismissive responses to user feature requests, or maintainers who sound ruder than they intend to users who report a bug due to not having read the documentation.

This probably should be better documented somewhere on the website,
but as I've never had to look for it, I don't know where that would
be. Someone who has searched for it and failed may have some better

If new bug reporters have followed our instructions and used a tool to report the bug, they won't necessarily look at the website at all. If we want to be sure of reaching them with this kind of advice, it probably has to come by email as well (at least as a clearly labelled URL).


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