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Re: [all candidates] Removing or limiting DD rights?

This message appears to be more appropriate for -project,
non-candidate responses, please follow up there.

On Thu, 28 Mar 2013, Chris Knadle wrote:
> As a bug reporter dealing with a misbehaving maintainer, this is
> what I would want:
>   1.  A clear place to report the misbehavior

owner@bugs.debian.org is an appropriate place to report abusive
behavior by anyone (maintainers, users, etc) on the BTS. Likewise,
listmaster@lists.debian.org is an appropriate place to report abusive
behavior by anyone in messages to lists.

This probably should be better documented somewhere on the website,
but as I've never had to look for it, I don't know where that would
be. Someone who has searched for it and failed may have some better

>   2.  A set of guidelines maintainers should follow

I certainly wouldn't have a problem with adopting a set of guidelines
for interactions on the BTS, but I'd prefer to have these guidelines
discussed on -project first. [We already do have guidelines for the
mailing list, too.]

>   3. A public dialog about the misbehavior with some Debian
>       authority along with the misbehaving maintainer.
> Note on (3): In the cases I've dealt with, the misbehavior was in
> public bug reports, so the discussion of the misbehavior should
> likewise be public.

Discussion of misbehavior is usually not public. If someone reports
bad behavior, owner@ or listmaster@ typically talks to the individual
concerned, and warns them about it specifically, and informs the
reporter that their concern has been addressed. In the case where
owner@ or listmaster@ have made a decision which can be overridden by
GR (IE, banning someone from using control@ or similar), -private is
notified so DDs are aware.

Don Armstrong

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