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Bug#703050: www.debian.org: Please document the criteria for debian.net services to be integrated into debian.org

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: normal


Some debian.net services would serve their purpose better if they were
integrated into the www.d.o namespace, but the criteria for deciding which
services would qualify is not documented.

Here's some suggestions that could be a useful start:

- there is consensus and/or evidence that the service is useful enough to
  warrant attention from d.o visitors

- the developer of the service is willing to stay around to maintain the
  service, and/or produce sufficient documentation for its maintenance

- the service's web site uses d.o's stylesheets and navigation, and meets the
  web team's accessibility requirements

- the web team feels comfortable to support the service from a security
  perspective (eg. because the site is a bunch of static HTML files, or
  if it's dynamic, it uses a stack that's considered acceptable)

- the original developer is willing to address any other concerns the web team
  might have


ps. my personal motivation for this bug report is wnpp-by-tags.d.n which I
    think would serve its purpose better by relocating to eg.
    www.d.o/devel/wnpp/by_tags and linked to from www.d.o/devel/wnpp

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