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Re: [Debconf-team] I wish you a wonderful 2013 & DebConf13! (oh, and DebConf14 too)

Quoting Sylvestre Ledru (sylvestre@debian.org):

> For your information, I was motivated to propose Paris as a city for
> Debconf 14 (or 15).

Well, you may want to reconsider this if some of us push you gently
enough and confirm that they back you up, Sylvestre.

It's been years since people told me personnally, considering my own
regular involvment in various Debconfs (though never deeply inside
organizing teams)...."when do you guys move your fingers out of you

We probably just needed someone pushing us hard enough for this and I
didn't want to be that person..:-)....however, it seems we found a
good and reliable person for this.

I'd vote for 15 and I would definitely be part of an orga team.

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