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I wish you a wonderful 2013 & DebConf13! (oh, and DebConf14 too)


(this mail is not as short and clear as I would have liked. But then, I also 
wanted to send it a week earlier and so I rather send it now then never...)

So anyway:

even though it's already mid January, I'd like to wish you all a very happy 
2013 and a wonderful DebConf13!

I really hope we will (soon) manage to form a working team again. Hopefully by 
having many working sub-teams! :-) And this is what I will personally try to 
focus on now. I'm not sure at all how, but the last three months made it clear 
to me that we cannot continue like this.

What we will have to continue though, is to work on creating a successful 
DebConf13 in Le Camp!

Because about a year ago, we made a decision: DebConf13 will be held in 
Switzerland, yay! And we knew already back then, it wouldnt be easy :-)

And since the first little struggles we had in Summer 2012 (because due to 
local circumstances we need to commit to a difficult setting early), which 
then turned into the annual DebConf crisis (each DebConf has one...) I 
had - and have - the hope, that this is "the swiss way": do things early, 
so also have the crisis early.

So to say.

And indeed and also, this is the best prepared DebConf ever: we have 
more experience then ever, as every year. We have (at least) ~90k CHF already 
collected (*), while normally seven month befor we usually have zero. We have 
lots of people aware of certain issues, trying to fix them. So let's rock!

(*) I actually believe it's more again but enotime to check the facts.

And we will need to take another decision rather soonish: where will we hold 
DebConf14?!! In our meeting this thursday we should at least come up with a 
rough timeline for this decision...

Other things I think we need to push further:

- small sub-teams working on specific sub-jects, ie the team which (IMO) is 
currently working best is the sponsorship team. (which is a small team)

- further development of the chairs roles as well as the chairs "performance". 
I think we totally failed, for example at the end of 2012 when we didnt send 
out the statement we had been preparing at http://piratenpad.de/ZSs7kbvMqw - 
but thats just the tip of the iceberg so to say. We completly failed in 
steering the team, which I think is part of our roles (or should be).

Anyhow, these are my current wishes/thoughts for DebConf & 2013, I'm sure you 
have others / more.

See you this Thursday, at 20 UTC on #debconf-team to our next team meeting!


So, and about the delay in sending this mail, which I started on January 1st 
or 2nd: these false accusations on -project (you know who you are!) severely 
damaged my motivation for DebConf and Debian. I think I finally got over it 
somewhat, but in any case, please read
which sadly wasnt posted to -project.

And yes, I'm talking about the thread with the subject "Insider manipulation 
of DC13 site selection, and apparent coverup" here, starting at 

I've deleted several comments about the very wrong thread-subject as well as 
the bad faith assumed and instead rather refer to http://zenhabits.net/gah/ 
and thank for the opportunity to learn ;-)

And if you still think the horse is alive: we had an idea, discussed it, 
rejected it and that was it. This idea was never more than an idea, nothing 
happened at all. So have fun investigating it and... *roles eyes*.

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