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Re: More feedback

Nik K <kolusion@hotmail.com>
> Also, please make Debian 7 like Debian 5 in the way where there is a network-manager applet.

Well, there's at least two: network-manager and wicd.

Documentation for those two is in the usual places (Help Viewer, man
at the command line, and so on).  Documentation for how to configure
networking is currently in the manual "Chapter 5, Network setup" at

or if you're not online (because networking needs configuring...),
I think there's an equivalent page in the debian-reference package.

I suspect something went a bit wrong with your upgrade (or was it a
fresh installation?).  Debian 6 works fine for me, most of the time.

Finally, you probably should explain the problem to debian-user@, rather
than debian-project@, if you'd like help.
might give some tips on what to put in the email to get the best replies.

Hope that helps,
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