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More feedback

Hi again,

Also, please make Debian 7 like Debian 5 in the way where there is a network-manager applet.

I never install with my computer connected to a network, and on a network using a static IP address. Through the installer I choose to configure at a later time. Well, when that later time comes and I am in Debian 6, there was no where for me to configure the network, rendering the operating system useless.

I am sure there is a file some where one must configure, but I don't know where that file is and there is no documentation instructing how to configure a network.
The fact that someone is having trouble performing a basic take such as configuring a network without the help of an online form, also demonstrated to me that Debian 6 is not a practical operating system.

I didn't have any of these dramas with Debian 5. Debian 5 was fuckin amazing and I would love to see Debian 7 be the same.

Kind regards,


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