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Re: Planned changes to Debian Maintainer uploads


On Sun, 2012-06-10 at 13:57:49 +0200, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> The ftp team wants to change how allowing Debian Maintainers to upload
> packages works.  The current approach with the DM-Upload-Allowed field
> has a few issues we would like to address:
>  - It applies to all DMs listed as Maintainer/Uploaders. It is not
>    possible to grant upload permission to only a specific DM.
>  - It is tied to the source package so can only be changed with a
>    sourceful upload.
>  - It allows DMs to grant permissions to other DMs.

   - It is a non-generic, Debian specific field, encoding in the
     source package archive upload policy, which belongs in the
     archive itself (in the same way DD upload policy is managed
     through the keyrings).

> We plan to instead implement an interface where developers upload a
> signed command file to ftp-master to grant upload permissions instead,
> similar to dcut.  This could end up looking similar to this:

Great! I've never liked the DM-Upload-Allowed field because of the
above point. And I'll be very happy once I'm able to remove support
for it from dpkg.


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