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NMUing "maintainer address bounces" bugs


Long storry short: A couple of days ago, I noticed the e-mails send to
one address of a maintainer could not be delivered.  As that e-mail
address was used in several other packages (about 12 IIRC), I opened RC
bugs against these packages.

Some got fixed by the maintainer, some got fixed by orphaning the
respective package, some however got closed in NMUs, like the following:

>    * Non-maintainer upload.
>    * debian/control:
>      - Maintainer email address was invalid and bounced. Update it to use a
>        valid address. Patch by Nathan Handler <nhandler@ubuntu.com>
>        Closes: #675214.

Please don't do that!  IMHO the proper way to handle these bugs is to
see, if the maintainer[1] is fixing them himselve.  If (s)he doesn't, then
orphan it.  But NMUing to fix the mainteiner address of a maintainer who
apparently doesn't care about that package is just pointless.

Best regards,

1:  I took care, that the maintainer was made aware of these bugs
through other channels.

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