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Re: NMUing "maintainer address bounces" bugs


On 17.06.2012 13:50, Willi Mann wrote:

>> Please don't do that!  IMHO the proper way to handle these bugs is
>> to see, if the maintainer[1] is fixing them himselve.  If (s)he
>> doesn't, then orphan it.  But NMUing to fix the mainteiner address
>> of a maintainer who apparently doesn't care about that package is
>> just pointless.
> Note that I talked to Gürkan before I did those uploads. I should have
> noted that in the changelogs, but it did happen with his approval.

Thanks for the clarification, that's okay.  However, sponsoring an
upload for his packages would IMHO been a better approach.

But anyway, thanks for fixing RC bugs :)

Best regards,

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