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Re: NMUing "maintainer address bounces" bugs


Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Long storry short: A couple of days ago, I noticed the e-mails send to
> one address of a maintainer could not be delivered.  As that e-mail
> address was used in several other packages (about 12 IIRC), I opened RC
> bugs against these packages.
> Please don't do that!  IMHO the proper way to handle these bugs is to
> see, if the maintainer[1] is fixing them himselve.

All packages which were quickly to fix were uploaded within hours. Two
of the packages were already orphaned. He provided updated packages, I
QA uploads based on them.

We didn't upload the GNUstep related stuff immediately (and I was fine
with that btw.) because of the upcoming GNUstep transition. (If I
would have expected NMUs for that, I'd probably would have suggested
to upload them anyway.)

> 1:  I took care, that the maintainer was made aware of these bugs
> through other channels.

JFTR: Those other channels were me going into the neighbour office. I
though did neither check if ahe dded a note to the corresponding bug
reports nor reminded him to do so, so I feel a little bit guilty for
that, too.

Fun fact: I sat beside Willi at the BSP, but didn't know he's NMUing
those issues before he did so. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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