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Re: Planned changes to Debian Maintainer uploads

On Sun, 10 Jun 2012 19:52:30 +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:

> > The ftp team wants to change how allowing Debian Maintainers to upload
> > packages works.  The current approach with the DM-Upload-Allowed field
> > has a few issues we would like to address:
> Have any of these issues been a problem practically, yet? Or are they
> just potential problems for the future?

| - It applies to all DMs listed as Maintainer/Uploaders. It is not
|   possible to grant upload permission to only a specific DM.

Not sure if this actually counts as a problem but it means that the
whole DM concept is -- at least in the eyes of the Debian Perl Group
[0] -- not suited for packaging teams.


[0] or its members as of late 2007/early 2008 when we discussed it
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