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Re: Debian "Position" on Software Patents

On 04/12/12 19:53, Josselin Mouette wrote:
Le jeudi 12 avril 2012 à 19:07 +0530, dE . a écrit :
I'm very much unhappy with the policies put down here, looking at the
amount of patents Microsoft is holding, it making developing any
software a challenge; that results in the Debian repos being
For the - at least - 15th time, this is NOT what the position means. No
software in Debian is *known* to be infringing on Microsoft patents.
Regardless of the claims of either Microsoft or the morons at

As a result I suggest, restricting the download and hosting of such
software in the US.. since software patents practically only apply to
the US, and until such laws are removed (which's basically a
restriction of what you write in a text editor), the people of the US
should be faced with such inconvenience.
And for at least the 15th too, this is not a US-only problem (although
the US patent office is known to do a much worse job than others at
checking for validity of submitted patents).

Conditions in North Korea, Singapore and Japan are much better... and it appears if challenged by a major party, the laws may change.

And what're you going to do if some MS geek comes up notifying you about some patent infringement in the the Linux kernel code? I'm talking about disaster management here.

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