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Re: Debian "Position" on Software Patents

Le jeudi 12 avril 2012 à 19:07 +0530, dE . a écrit :
> I'm very much unhappy with the policies put down here, looking at the
> amount of patents Microsoft is holding, it making developing any
> software a challenge; that results in the Debian repos being
> --emtpy--.

For the - at least - 15th time, this is NOT what the position means. No
software in Debian is *known* to be infringing on Microsoft patents.
Regardless of the claims of either Microsoft or the morons at

> As a result I suggest, restricting the download and hosting of such
> software in the US.. since software patents practically only apply to
> the US, and until such laws are removed (which's basically a
> restriction of what you write in a text editor), the people of the US
> should be faced with such inconvenience.

And for at least the 15th too, this is not a US-only problem (although
the US patent office is known to do a much worse job than others at
checking for validity of submitted patents).

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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