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Re: Diversity statement for the Debian Project

Hi Francesca,

I have not done any analysis in the (deep, interesting) way all of the
people you have quoted has. I do feel it's positive to have this kind
of statement, and I thank you for bringing it forward.

I'll just talk on a formal level here:

> * isn't better a GR to give this statement more force/legitimation?
> I'd prefer one, yes. But it's also true that in the next months people
> will work hard for the upcoming freeze and it seems a waste of time to
> ask them to vote when we can reach a consensus via mailing list.
> If we can't reach a consensus here, I will propose
> a GR about it.

I suggest this is submitted to a GR *even* if consensus is
reached. I'd like this kind of document to be deep-reaching, maybe
even accompany the SC and the DFSG as our basament documents. There's
always the discussion on what does the "silent minority" say - And a
good way IMO to get every DD at least informed about this (if they
don't follow the lists) and get their real standpoint (of course,
understanding that not casting a vote means "I don't care, I'll agree
with whatever the project decides") is via a GR.

We thankfully don't do GRs as often as we could. Yes, they are defined
in a bureaucratic way, and quite on purpose. But precisely for a deep
change such as what you are proposing, I think a GR is the perfect way

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