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Re: Report from DSA Team Sprint in Oslo

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 10:18:51AM -0400, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> The quick summary -- donating to Debian is NOT AS SIMPLE AS IT COULD
> BE... and simplicity and "accessibility" was the point of my
> suggestion to make donations, of different caliber, easy for anyone.

Yes. I completely agree. Thanks a lot for your thorough review, it is
quite helpful.


You won't change that by discussing the issue on a Debian Project
mailing list. Mailing the (generally very busy) SPI treasurer is a bit
better, but won't fix the issues either. Debian Project members who want
to help me fixing this have basically two options.

1) set up an organization $somwehere which makes as easy as you please
   donating to Debian. Then convince the DPL that the organization is
   efficient in dealing with money and get it enrolled as a Trusted

2) get involved into SPI (which means a little more than mailing the SPI
   treasurer) and makes the changes happen there.

Don't get me wrong and let me repeat: your review is much appreciated.

But I've grown weary of threads where we discuss "how nice" it would be
if SPI --- or another $trusted_organization FWIW --- would do this and
that for us.

SPI is a volunteer organization. Currently it offers us a specific set
of services. If we want different / better services we can ask (and we
have asked, or at least I have asked). But ultimately, as in many
volunteer organizations, the only sure way to make things change is to
make the change yourself. It's easy, just join SPI mailing lists,
discuss changes there, ... and volunteer to implement them. The SPI
board is full of nice people (a lot of them are Debian people, BTW)
ready to listen and, as it happens in every volunteer organization, in
need of help.

Oh, and let me conclude with another reason why mail like yours are very
helpful. It increase the awareness of how important Trusted Organization
are for Debian. I've beaten that drum repeatedly in the past 2 years,
with little success. I hope it will be even more effectively if others
join me ... or, better, join $trusted_organization :-)

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