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Re: Report from DSA Team Sprint in Oslo

NB CCing SPI treasurer as a contact listed on the donations page
   (haven't spotted any point of contact on  Debian's donation page)
   for possible comments

On Thu, 22 Mar 2012, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 05:34:27PM -0400, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> > - automated regular (e.g. monthly) donations via paypal
> >   (e.g. how http://accessiblecomputingfoundation.org does it)

> That is already possible (although I'm not sure about the paypal part):
> when donating to SPI via clickandpledge, one could choose to split his
> donation in monthly batches.  Given I'm well aware this feature is
> largely unknown (although some donors *do* use it), I encourage
> proposing patches to http://www.debian.org/donations to better advertise
> it.

Decided to have a look finally (sorry -- never donated money to Debian
myself yet) -- and as a new-comer I see multiple problems with Debian
"donation" system as we have it ATM (some of the following items
might not be easily "fixable" since need to be addressed by 3rd party

The quick summary -- donating to Debian is NOT AS SIMPLE AS IT COULD
BE... and simplicity and "accessibility" was the point of my
suggestion to make donations, of different caliber, easy for anyone.

ATM to donate

* I do need to spend some time to read/go through a few pages (debian
  donations, SPI donations -> clickandpledge...) to get finally to the
  point where I could possibly donate my money...  the whole path is
  probably around 6/7 web pages or so (if everything goes smooth),
  requires me to enter all my credentials, credit card # ...

  We should aim to reduce the burden and make it much easier by allowing
  to use payment providers which already might have users credentials so
  they might not even need to re-login to them at that point; e.g.
  paypal, amazon, ...

* Debian is one (thanks that it starts with D so it is high enough
  in the list) among others on


  There must be a dedicated page to avoid any possible confusion, avoid
  clicking through 1 more page.  I understand it is useful in general to
  expose all those other projects under SPI, but imho it hurts Debian in
  this regard

* "A $40.00 minimum is needed for the recurring payment option"
  doesn't sound appealing to me and ruins the whole idea of 
  regular micro donations.  I would not mind giving a project I like/use a
  cost of a coffee regularly each month, but I would think a bit longer
  if it equals my monthly charge for the broadband (just giving typical

  it might all be due to high credit-card transaction costs, but

* "Please do not attempt to donate to SPI via PayPal or a similar
  service."  stated on the lengthy http://www.spi-inc.org/donations/

  We should be able to allow donations via PayPal "or a similar service"
  with a direct link available on our (Debian) donations page

  or is there some showstopper I am not aware of?

* also as long as I entered that "unacceptably low donation" this
  annoying dialog box with "A $40.00 min..." hunts me -- I can't go back
  to adjust amount, I am just doomed to close that tab and go back to
  starting url there manually or from http://www.debian.org/donations

  needs to be fixed on clickandpledge.com  side I guess

* blank "Terms & Conditions" on checkout page is kinda confusing --
  better not be there at all if nothing to say

* not sure if intended to be like that (limit in length) or just a typo

  I understand that this charge will appear as "Software in the
  PublicI" on my credit card statement.

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