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Re: How about using national flags instead of text in debian.org?

* Aron Xu [2012-02-05 16:31:20 +0800] wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 16:10, Hyun-Gwan Seo <westporch@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Official debian website is translated many languages. (i.e. german,
>> korean, français and so on) If I want to see a translated german
>> page, click the 'Deutsch' at the bottom of the web site.
>> How about using national flags? I think that national flags are much
>> more helpful and eidetic than text.
> What if a language is spoken by more than one country? This is a very
> common claim and may lead to problem with Debian's longstanding
> neutral position on international cultural and political issues.

Yes, and that's also logic. National flag is a symbol of country and
state, not (necessarily) a symbol of language.

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