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Alioth is up! (was: alioth is down)

Now that alioth is back up, I feel I owe an apology to those that made
that possible.

While you guys were facing hard-work to bring our beloved alioth back to
life, I was here nitpicking about mailing lists usage. You clearly
didn't need that at that time. Retrospectively, that was clearly not the
right timing for that.

So please accept my apologies and my great thanks for the hard work that
brought alioth back to us all.

Le 29.01.2012 22:46, Didier Raboud a écrit :
> According to the respective descriptions of the lists, people relying on 
> Debian-provided infrastructure (which alioth is) should be monitoring d-i-a, 
> and there's no explicit reason for them to be monitoring d-d-a. If that's not 
> the case, we should either "teach" people to be subscribed to the correct 
> mailing-lists (e.g. by sending all "infrastructure annoucements" to d-i-a) or 
> just consider d-i-a useless instead (and close it) and send all such 
> announcements to d-d-a.

I think my point stands though: lists descriptions don't fit the usage
we do of them. According to those descriptions, non-DD alioth users
should be monitoring d-i-a and not d-d-a. If d-d-a is used to reach
non-DD alioth users, that means that d-i-a is essentially useless and
should be closed, IMHO.

(But well, I won't argue more than that as I'm subscribed to both anyway.)



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