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Re: alioth is down (again)

Le dimanche, 29 janvier 2012 21.11:11, Stephen Gran a écrit :
> This one time, at band camp, Didier Raboud said:
> > thanks for those "emergency" notices. Though, according to [0], shouldn't
> > those annoucements be sent to debian-infrastructure-announce too/instead?
> My impression is that d-i-a is a useful list for reaching teams and
> developers within debian that rely on debian infrastructure to do
> their work.

IMHO, an "alioth is down" announcement is not more an "Announcement of 
development issue (…)" (d-d-a) than an "announcement about changes in the (…) 
Debian infrastructure including services the Debian project (…) provides." (d-

According to the respective descriptions of the lists, people relying on 
Debian-provided infrastructure (which alioth is) should be monitoring d-i-a, 
and there's no explicit reason for them to be monitoring d-d-a. If that's not 
the case, we should either "teach" people to be subscribed to the correct 
mailing-lists (e.g. by sending all "infrastructure annoucements" to d-i-a) or 
just consider d-i-a useless instead (and close it) and send all such 
announcements to d-d-a.

But well; IMHO.


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