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Re: Installation & Live CD

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 09:58:47AM +0800, gufadin wrote:
> This is just a bit of feedback from my perspective.  I love Debian, and
> have used it for years, but I have a few comments about the state of
> affairs as they stand right now.
> First, you are doing a great disservice to the project by separating the
> installation and live cd into two different downloads, and by burying
> the live cd into sub-pages.  If you really want people to test Debian
> and then install right away, you would make a live cd that can install
> right away, and have a link to that image right off the front page,
> rather than make people search for it, which only works if they know to
> begin with that they must search for it.
> One other comment, the installation interface looks like it came from
> the 1980's, with 8-bit graphics, which also doesn't install confidence.
> I am not proposing a brain-dead "Unity" or "Gnome 3.x" approach, just
> saying that a 1980's interface will simply turn away all but the most
> hard core user.
> I'm only providing this feedback because I love Debian and understand
> that the more acceptance it has, the more freedom the developers have to
> create a truly powerful and useful OS.  Without a lot of "buy in,"
> Debian will be relegated to only a small fringe of users.  If that is
> your use model, well then I understand, but this means that dumbed down
> OS' like Ubuntu will win the race, which is ultimately a detriment to
> anyone that is interested in an OS that lends to productivity.

I have never used a livecd for an install of anything.  Why would I
want to?  The netinstall is much smaller to download.  LiveCDs are create
rescue environments and demos.  They seem to provide no other use.

Why would I want a GUI for an install?  The keyboard is faster and more
accurate, and it makes the installer smaller.

And does it matter what the installer looks like?  You run it once,
and then you never need it again for the life of the machine.

Did the fisher price GUI of Windows XP make any difference in how many
people used it?  Did the blue and white text installer of many windows
versions in the past change how many peopel used it?  No.  People install
it, and then use it.

I actually think the GUI install is nice and elegant, although I never
actually use it given the text installer is great.

And Debian has plenty of users.  Lots of servers.  Lots of university
computer labs.  Lots of businesses.

People that choose their OS purely on the look of the installer are
probably the same people that buy their compyter based on the price tag.
They are doomed to have a crappy experience no matter what, so they are
not worth worrying about in my opinion.

Len Sorensen

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