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Re: 1 year release good enough.

On 01/03/12 20:40, Axel Beckert wrote:
dE . wrote:
Thus, it's critical to hate and make people hate Microsoft and dive into
politics in order to make opensource desktops successful.
No. Hate is definitively the wrong way to propagate FLOSS.

It should be a "together", not an "against each other". (Counts for
the the big companies, too, though. IMHO parts of Microsoft and Apple
are on the right way already.)

Look what Microsoft and Apple's is doing with Android. And for any task with WP7, you have to have propitiatory applications which're only available for mac/Win to do even the simplest task with the phones. And this's just 1 e.g.; look at their site, they're always doing .NET and Sliverlight to break compatibility. Not the mention the 60000 software patents...

Do you call that the right track?

Your philosophy may be good for you all but I tend to deal them with more aggression to combat their lust for money and power. We couldn't have stopped WW2 without the atomic bomb, so peace is not always the right way and that's exactly why they're so successful.

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