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Re: 1 year release good enough.

On Sun, 2012-01-01 at 11:51 +0530, dE . wrote:
> I was wondering about the 2 year release cycle of Debian and it's 
> adaptability on the Desktops.
> You have to admit that Debian is not used used much on the Desktops -- 

Really?  Of the five systems in my household which could count as
desktops (assuming one includes laptops - they're certainly not
servers), three of them run Debian (and one of the others doesn't belong
to me).

> Since there's a new branch, there'll be additional loads on the 
> developers (backports and all that),

You seem to be assuming that everyone will be happy to take on these
additional loads.  With both my maintainer and release hats on, I
believe you're mistaken in that (and in the need for the proposal in
general).  However, as has been done more than once in the past, you're
free to set up and maintain such a branch and prove to people that it's
workable and worthwhile.

> I suggest the unstable branch be demolished (I'm not clear about it's role though)

I'm concerned that someone who doesn't know what the purpose of unstable
is should be trying to make far-reaching changes to the way the project

> and increase the migration time from experimental to testing.

Right now, there's no migration of packages from experimental to
testing.  So you certainly couldn't decrease the time...



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