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Re: 1 year release good enough.

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 11:47 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:

> The Fedora Medical guy mentioned that there is a lack of management
> work.  And I can confirm that this is perfectly what I'm observing in
> several Debian internal projects.  To boil it down to some specific
> projects I have observed in the last time: Debian Games, Debian
> Multimedia, Debian GIS and Debian Enterprise - all these projects (while
> potentially targeting at a much larger user base than Debian Med) are
> lacking what I would call project management in the sense that people
> claim to be busy enough with packaging and do not have time for other
> things (like talking to people - upstream and users, telling them how to
> become involved and setting specific standards and goals).

In the Debian Games team we have been working on this and are making a
small amount of progress.

In particular we are having semi-regular meetings, the most recent
ones have all been organised by new team members. Our meetings
procedures are documented here, I would encourage other teams to take
a look and adopt the parts that make sense:


We are also hoping to start some work parties soon:


I definitely agree that we need to do more and that this is a general
problem in Debian that needs work.



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