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Re: 1 year release good enough.

Well put Russ!!!

Relative percentage is not that important as long as absolute number is
positive, which means that fun goes on and our efforts are of
benefit ;)

And depending on the audience (field of endeavor, habbits etc)
statistics might vary [e.g. 1] ;-)

[1] http://neuro.debian.net/blog/2011/2011-06-27_software_survey.html

Happy new year

On Sun, 01 Jan 2012, Russ Allbery wrote:
> > http://stats.wikimedia.org/archive/squid_reports/2011-10/SquidReportOperatingSystems.htm
> > You might have 60% usage of Debian but for the world it's 0.02%.

> I've never been fond of putting too much weight on this sort of
> statistic.

> One of the delightful things about Debian is that the project consists of
> a group of people who are working together to create something that,
> primarily, we all want to use.  Making it usable for everyone else as well
> is, of course, a wonderful goal and something that many of us care a lot
> about.  But I think it's important not to lose sight of the fact that
> world-wide adoption on the order of Windows is not a requirement for the
> Debian project to be a success.

> Debian is successful every time I boot a system and it's running Debian,
> every time Debian solves my problems, every time I can fix something I ran
> into because it's Debian and I can help make it better.  It's *fun* if I
> can get more people to use Debian, and it's important to have an influx of
> new blood and new ideas to keep Debian fresh and responsive, but that's
> about *keeping* Debian successful, not about *making* Debian successful.

> If we have enough developers to maintain and improve Debian even at the
> rate that we're maintaining and improving Debian today, to me that's a
> success, and I don't really care whether that number ever moves off of
> 0.02%.  One of the great things about free software is that we're not a
> business: we don't live or die by market share, we aren't going to get
> bought out by someone else if we don't become a big enough fish, and we
> don't have to grow 10% a year or implode.  It would certainly be *nice* to
> attract more people and more users and improve even faster, and I
> certainly wouldn't want to stand in the way of that, but it's not part of
> my metric of success.
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