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Re: a good command

09.10.2011 12:20, fereshteh noori kirjoitti:
> dear Debian developers
> i am working about Debian features compared by other Linux
> distribution, i reach to something which was amazing for me, now i am
> asking you the question.
> i know that the "top" command works on Debian system, not only Debian
> but also all Linux distribution. but i could not find it in Debian man
> pages, i used the link : http://manpages.debian.net, really it does
> not work on Debian? or it just does not work on Debian pure
> installation and it should be installed to work?
> would you please do me a favor and finish this confusing?
> regards
> fershteh

The command top comes with package procps, which is priority important
and I believe it is always installed in Debian GNU/Linux.

I do not know why manpages.debian.net does not have man top. The man
page is included in the packages, as shown by


Tapio Lehtonen
pj. Linux-aktivaattori ry

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