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Re: Greaat disappointment

On 2011-10-01, Steffen Möller <steffen_moeller@gmx.de> wrote:
>>> My nick was Ti-chan. You can research if you please.
>>> I did nothing, just kindly asked for help regarding partitioning.
>> [...]
>> And then, apparently, you started insulting people.
> I can well imagine how one has made the investment to install some
> IRC client to get access to that presumed source of help. One is
> happy to get it started and to understand what this join to a channel
> might mean - and then nobody wants to react to a "my machine does not

[00:56] <Ti-chan> Hi. Could someone who has a remotely comprehensive
understanding of partitioning and is not a complete dumbass help me out?

is apparantly the guys first words to the debian channel, around 15
minutes after he joined. There is nothing kind nor any investments over


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