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Question about gadgets


 My name is Szymon and I collect gadgets of different companies, cities and institutions. We drew me, because it is nice to see a package with some cool stuff. This has become my passion. My collection is large, but do not give up and continue to collect! Special place in my collection deal lanyards, mugs, badges, calendars, postcards, stickers and other gadgets. He writes to you asking if you will help me increase my collection of gadgets with your logo? I would be very grateful for sending me some free gadgets and folders. I really care about. Debian is older than me exactly 1 day (17/08/1993). Thanks so much 

Szymon Noczyński
Sw.Huberta 36
40-542,Katowice POLAND
Szymon Noczyński; SQ9SMA

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