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Re: Please remove my HOME address. For my childs sake!!!!!!

Dear Sean,

IANAL: it is indeed very unfortunate that you have used your private
information publicly:

$> whois Apptown.com | grep -A 8 Administrative
   Administrative Contact:
      Kendorski, Sean  skendorski@yahoo.com
      MKS Ventures, LLC
      440 Deer Run Ct
      Limerick, Pennsylvania 19468
      United States
      +1.6105643344      Fax -- 

and hired spammers (sorry, spammers are spammers, even if they have an
official title of "marketing company") to boost your company financial
income.               It indeed sucks to learn from your own mistakes.

Just wanted to add that since the spam AD was sent to public list, and Scott's
reply with additional piece of public information was already cached by various
websites [1] and even if it gets removed from lists.debian.org -- it would
still be present there.

Moreover, since your email per-se is not concerned with debian-project@ mailing
lists goals/activities, please refrain from posting further correspondence to
the list (it might get considered yet another round of spam) and contact
corresponding parties directly to see if there anything Debian could do for you
to help resolving your mistakes:

 Contact information from http://lists.debian.org/

  You may submit bugs against the list archives using the
  lists.debian.org pseudo-package or contact the maintainer at

[1] http://www.google.com/search?q=%22who%20set%20up%20dozens%20of%20spammy%20sites%20flogging%20steriods%22


On Mon, 25 Jul 2011, Sean Kendorski wrote:

>    Scott,  (and to whom ever it may concern)
>    Please remove my home address and map to my home from your website.
>    For my child's sake. (and my own)
>    http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2011/04/msg00995.html
>    Firstly, I didnt even send the email you are referring to, we hired a
>    marketing firm to do so, and they used my name.  Also, I dont have what
>    you mentioned. I assume you didnt look very deep, but I dont blame you.
>    It was my fault and again, I apologize now for the second time.
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