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Re: Question about gadgets

W dniu 26.07.2011 22:37, Szymon Noczyński pisze:

> My name is Szymon and I collect gadgets of different companies, 
> cities and institutions. We drew me, because it is nice to see a 
> package with some cool stuff. This has become my passion. My 
> collection is large, but do not give up and continue to collect! 
> Special place in my collection deal lanyards, mugs, badges, 
> calendars, postcards, stickers and other gadgets. He writes to you 
> asking if you will help me increase my collection of gadgets with 
> your logo? I would be very grateful for sending me some free gadgets 
> and folders. I really care about. Debian is older than me exactly 1 
> day (17/08/1993). Thanks so much

Debian as a non-profit organization doesn't produce any gadgets and
doesn't sell anything.


So I doubt we as a project can send you anything.

You can ask some shops that sell Debian related gadgets if they are
willing to send you something for free.


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