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Please remove my HOME address. For my childs sake!!!!!!

Scott,  (and to whom ever it may concern)

Please remove my home address and map to my home from your website.  For my child's sake. (and my own)


Firstly, I didnt even send the email you are referring to, we hired a marketing firm to do so, and they used my name.  Also, I dont have what you mentioned. I assume you didnt look very deep, but I dont blame you. It was my fault and again, I apologize now for the second time. 

If I was hiding something I would have used a fake name.  I was assured only proper email measure would be used.
If you would like the name of I company I hired and paid for, I will give this. I am saving all this information anyway, in-case anything happens to my child.

My son and I are receiving threats and the people say that they got the information from this site.

Can you please remove my name. 

I dont want to get into a flaming argument and you to threaten DOS attacks to me, or and anything odd.  I dont know what legal and whats not legal for you to do. I just dont want my family hurt.  I just want my child to be safe. If you are a dad, you will understand. 

If this apology is not enough for you. Please tell me what you would like.

Again, I am very sorry for the accidental spam. My direct line is 610-564-3344 if by any chance you dont believe it was an accident, I dont mind proving it to you, in full.

So again... I beg, please remove my home address and map.  I dont want to get into some odd thing, I have bigger problems now.  Internet bullying is a serious offense and I have another person I have to deal with, so I hope you'll accept my deepest apology again for my bad judgement in hiring that company and accidental spam you received.


Sean Kendorski

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