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Re: Debian hardware certification

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 1:48 PM, Philip Hands wrote:

> That seems like a good idea -- how about if we encouraged willing hardware
> manufacturers to maintain a pseudo package type thing, perhaps per
> device, although it would be good to have some sort of wild-card so that
> one could report a bug against hw-supermicro-mb-X8STi-F, and they could
> resign it to hw-supermicro-nic-e1000 or some such, without us needing
> to do more than let them tell us the contact email for their BTS or the
> person in charge of fixing that device, say.

I was thinking just file it against existing packages, like
linux/udev/firmware-nonfree/xorg-*. Usertags could be used to
categorise and group hardware related bugs across different packages



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