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audible compatibility with linux

Audible says "At this time Audible is not compatible with the Linux operating system. Audible is actively pursuing compability with Linux in all versions by pursuing support from the open source community that develops this platform."
I joined Audible in 2002 and saw that exact message shortly after and it has not changed to this date today.
Audiible is one of the big reasons I have heard people say they will not switch to linux. There are already ways to take out the protections and turn the audio books to mp3 files, but I have a very large library on their site and need (as do many other people) for it to just work. Just work is what Ubuntu is all about. If you do not think it is serious just do a Google search for "Audible linux" and you will come out with a different frame of mind.
Could someone please contact them and tell them how much money they are losing? In the process please offer to work with them to make Audible compatible with the Linux operating system. Ubuntu is the largest and should have a little bit of pull in whatever negotiations are needed. It would help if the other OS's would get on the wagon for the long haul.

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