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Re: blends linked from the main debian page

;-) thank you Andreas for your warm words ;-)

NeuroDebian was just an example -- my point is that we have a variety of
(sub) project which are not readily visible, are separate blends or not.
And Debian would be better represented if somehow it points to the most
active ones which target specific niches of the market from the
main page.

E.g. probably non-exclusive list of popular topics I think of:

- All alive blends (e.g. Med, Science, Edu)
- Derivatives Front Desk
- Debian Live
- Debian Eee PC
- Debian on Freerunner (openmoko)
- Emdebian
- NeuroDebian of cause
- ...

but also may be blends could be unrolled a bit, depending on what would
be the design/scheme: we could mention separate tasks, e.g. Debian Chem,
etc.  With some random Featured item (or in space theme could be "Debian
Star of the day/week") on the main webpage we could at least
expose them all one at a time.

Then many newcomers might immediately run into something of specific
interest for them, while visiting www.debian.org.

On Tue, 12 Apr 2011, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > to be a blend.  E.g. the NeuroDebian -- we contribute to both
> > DebianScience and DebianMed, but I think it is worth pointing to
> > NeuroDebian as a separate entity (Debian sub-project) ;-)
> I perfectly agree that NeuroDebian qualifies to be listed there as well.
> Even if it does not use those Blends techniques the project fully acts
> in the manner I demanded in my mail and does a lot to make Debian more
> popular in the field of neuro science.

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